Luke Is Graphic

Picturehouse Strands

Picturehouse DOCS

Using the viewfinder device in the roundel along with trailers from films featured in the upcoming season, the DOCS trailer is designed to act as a guide to the best documentaries playing at Picturehouse Cinemas.


Culture Shock

The above grindhouse inspired trailer acts as the ident for the strand, playing before each screening. Each season of films then has a new trailer created inspired by directors or genres to promote them.


Big Scream

Ident/Trailer to promote the Big Scream at Picturehouse Cinemas that allows babies to watch the latest action blockbusters


Kids' Club

Inspired by activites and games kids experience before screenings of films, this papercraft inspired trailer runs at 12fps as a reference to stop motion animation. It's updated along side each new programme adopting the style of the cover film at the time.

Toddler Time

A sense ordered chaos was used as a base for the design of this trailer, made to look like a placemat full of drawings and other bits Toddlers might be playing with before watching their favourite shows.